How to Earn Free GRASS Token through Airdrop

Grass, a decentralized oracle network aimed at providing reliable and secure data for smart contracts and artificial intelligence (AI) applications (Data Layer of AI), is conducting a campaign to airdrop free GRASS token to early adopters. The project recently raised $3.5 million from prominent investors such as Polychain Capital and Tribe Capital and is gearing up for the launch of its mainnet.

The GRASS token is the native currency of the Grass network, utilizing a novel consensus mechanism called Proof of Connectivity (PoC) to validate data. PoC rewards users for contributing their device’s unused bandwidth and storage capacity to the network, enabling Grass to provide high-quality, low-cost data feeds for various use cases.

According to the project’s website, Grass plans to distribute GRASS tokens to early adopters, who can earn Points by using the Grass wallet extension utility and inviting their friends. Subsequently, Points can be exchanged for GRASS tokens once the mainnet is operational.

To join the Point earning program, users need to follow these steps.

Step 1 – Register an account

Use the Chrome browser and go to the project’s homepage here.

You need to fill in all the required information below

  • Email: Enter your Email
  • Username: Enter the username you desire.
  • Password: Enter the password for your account (minimum 8 characters including Uppercase letters, Lowercase letters, Numbers, and Special characters).
  • Confirm Password: Re-enter your password
  • Referral code: vyOstEvs92o7fuS
    This is my referral code: vyOstEvs92o7fuS
  • Check the option I agree to the terms & conditions to agree to the Terms of Service
  • Complete the robot verification

After registration, you can return to the homepage to log in here:

The main Dashboard will look like this:

Step 2 – Install Grass Extension

To earn Points automatically, you need to install the Grass Extension add-on for your Chrome browser by following these steps.

On the Dashboard page, scroll down to the bottom of the page, then click on ADD NETWORK:

A new window will appear, click on the Copy button to copy the link of the Grass Extension:

Open a new tab in Chrome, go to the previously copied address, then click Add to Chrome to install:

Click Add extension to confirm the installation:

After installation, click on the Grass icon at the top right corner of Chrome – then select Login:

During the first time login, the system will prompt you to re-enter your Username and Password:

After logging in, click on the Grass icon, wait for about 10 minutes, and if the system shows Connected, you’re good to go

That’s it, you can leave your Chrome browser running there and it will automatically earn Points for you.

Important Note

To earn valid Points, note the following:

  • Each public IP address can only be associated with one account.
  • One account can log in from multiple IPs.
  • Residential IPs are valid, datacenter IPs are NOT valid.
  • It is not recommended to use shared proxies.

Wishing you success, and hopefully, we’ll soon be able to exchange Points for Grass tokens.

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