hMailServer – Part 2 – Install and Configure hMailServer on Windows

What is hMailServer ?

hMailServer is a free, open-source email server software designed for the Microsoft Windows operating system. It allows individuals, organizations, or system administrators to set up their own email servers, manage email accounts, domains, and various email-related configurations. hMailServer is particularly popular for small to medium-sized businesses or personal use cases where users want to have more control over their email communications.

Features of hMailServer include:

  • Email Account Management: It allows you to create and manage email accounts for different users or domains.
  • Domain Management: You can set up and manage multiple email domains on a single server.
  • SMTP and POP3 Support: hMailServer supports both the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) protocols for sending and receiving emails.
  • Webmail Interface: While hMailServer itself doesn’t include a webmail interface, it can be integrated with third-party webmail applications like Roundcube or SquirrelMail.
  • Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus: It offers basic anti-spam and anti-virus filtering capabilities to help protect against unwanted emails and malicious attachments.
  • Rules and Filters: You can set up rules and filters to manage incoming and outgoing email messages based on specific criteria.
  • Remote Administration: hMailServer provides tools for remote administration, allowing you to manage the server from a different machine on the same network.
  • Database Support: It can use various databases like MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or PostgreSQL for storing email account and configuration data.
  • Open Source: hMailServer is open-source software, which means its source code is available to the public, and users can modify and distribute it according to the terms of its license.


  • Completed: Part 1
  • OS: Microsoft Windows
    • Windows 11/10/8/7
    • Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012
  • Database: MySQL has been installed
  • Others: .NET Framework 3.5 has been installed
  • Download hMailServer for Windows

In this series, hMailServer on Windows

  • Part 1 – Create the Necessary Records (A, MX, PTR, SPF, DMARC) for hMailServer
  • Part 2 – Install and Configure hMailServer on Windows
  • Part 3 – Create Accounts and Setup Email on Email Client : ✍️ updating
  • Part 4 – Install and Configure DKIM for hMailServer: ✍️ updating
  • Part 5 – Install and Configure SSL on hMailServer: ✍️ updating
  • Part 6 – Install and Configure WebAdmin for hMailServer:✍️ updating
  • Part 7 – Install and Integrate SpamAssassin on hMailServer: ✍️ updating
  • Part 8 – Install and Integrate ClamAV on hMailServer: ✍️ updating
  • Part 9 – Install and Configure WebMail with Roundcube for hMailServer: ✍️ updating
  • Part 10 – Configure Multi Domain on hMailServer: ✍️ updating

Throughout the series of articles about hMailServer, we assume the following:

  • My domain:
  • Public static IP Address:
  • A VPS on Vultr: Windows 10

Step by step Install and Configure hMailServer on Windows

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