Code in this video: OpenVPN – How to Install and Configure OpenVPN Client on Ubutun | Debian | LinuxMintCode in this video:


scp Username_of_the_Server@IP_of_the_Server:/Location_for_storing_client_profiles Path_for_storing_client_profiles_on_the_client


scp [email protected]:/root/client-01.ovpn /home/hg/Desktop

In which:

👉 [email protected]: This is the username and IP address of the source server.
In this case, the command is trying to access a server with the IP address using the root account.

👉 :/root/client-01.ovpn: This specifies the full path of the client-01.ovpn file on the source server. The file is located in the /root/ directory on the server.

👉 /home/hg/Desktop: This represents the destination path on the target machine (your computer). 
In this case, the client-01.ovpn file will be copied from the server to the /home/hg/Desktop directory on your computer. 
Please replace hg with your current username

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