How to Change the default Webmin Port

By default, Webmin use port 10000. If you are a Webmin system administrator and want to increase your security then it is recommended to change the Webmin Port. You can replace port 10000 with any port number you like.

And in this tutorial, We will learn How to change the Default Webmin Port on Linux system


  • Webmin installed on your system
  • New port : I change port 10000 to port 12345 ( replace with your port)

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Step 1 – Login Webmin GUI

First, login to the Webmin panel via address http://IP-Server with your username and password.

Login Webmin

Step 2 – Change the default Webmin port

In the left panel, choose Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> in the right panel choose Ports and Addresses

Webmin Configuration

In the window Ports and Addresses input new port to Specific port and click Save

Change the Port

Finally restart the Webmin service, choose Webmin -> Webmin Configuration -> in the right panel Scroll down and click Restart Webmin for the change to take effect

Restart Webmin Service

Step 3 – Configure Firewall

Skip this step, If UFW firewall not running

After the change, Webmin listens on TCP port 12345, you need to open the TCP port 12345 on the Firewall

sudo ufw allow 12345 ### Allow port 12345

sudo ufw reload ### Reload firewall

sudo ufw status ### Verify new port

Allow New Port

That’s it. You can change to default Webmin Port on your system

Thank you for reading !!!

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